Tango Estate Blueberry Wine


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Wine Making Procedures:

The ripest individual blueberries were hand-harvested on our farm over the course of 4 days in May. The berries were crushed and inoculated with select yeast strains. Fermentation proceeded for a period of about one week in open-top stainless steel tanks to fully extract the Florida sunshine that forms the sugars, flavor, and colors in the fruit and antioxidant-rich skins. Following methods similar to traditional single quinta vintage Port making, fermentation was then arrested through fortification with our own 80% v/v blueberry brandy spirits. The fruit pomace was then drained and pressed maximally in a screw press to extract every essence from the fruit.

The final wine was gravity settled and then coarse filtered directly off the lees followed by a fine filtering. Before bottling, the wine was balanced using a small amount of blueberry concentrate. The end result is a rich and rare desert wine that contains the equivalent of 4.8 kilograms of fruit per liter of wine (8 pounds of fruit in each 750 mL bottle).


Full bodied, rich fruits. Intense blueberry color and favors, dark red fuits, black cherries, figs and citrus jam, and evergreen tree notes, with toasty oak, hazel nut and spice aromas. This is a full-bodied, long finish dessert wine.

Serving Suggestions:

This is an exceptional and decadently rich dessert wine that goes well with many chocolate and caramel deserts and fruits, richly flavored cheese, smoke salted nuts and meats. Serve at or just below room temperature. Service size: 85 mL (3 oz) preferably in a port glass.

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