Blueberry Wines - From the Heart of Florida

Creating all natural wines with the freshest Florida blueberries to make a great blend of delicious nectar that tantalizes and teases the taste buds. Blessed with a pioneering spirit we are creating a unique blend of vino. Our product is created with fresh blueberries harvested and fermented with care to create a unique table wine that is far from ordinary.

The Accolades are Adding Up

Consumers have already shown that they feel our wines are winners through their continued sales and support. But Whispering Oaks wanted to know how our products stacked up against other wines, so we began entering into competitions. The results are further encouragement that we are creating a great product. We would love to share with you some information about the competitions and results.

The Lone Star International Wine Competition is the oldest wine competition in Texas. In 2015, over 500 wines were submitted. The results for Whispering Oaks were Bronze for Delightfully Dry and Blushing Blueberry; Silver for Wildly Mild and Gold for Sassy Sangria.

Next was the San Francisco International Wine Competition. 2015 was a record breaking year with 4,902 products entered from 29 states and 26 countries. Against all these entries, Whispering Oaks received Bronze for Sensationally Sweet and Blushing Blueberry; Silver for Delightfully Dry and Wildly Mild.

The Tasters Guild International is a Wine and Food Appreciation Society based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 2015 drew over 1,600 entries from 32 states and 7 countries. Whispering Oaks received silvers for Oak Barrel Reserve, Wildly Mild and Sassy Sangria.

The Critics Challenge International Wine competition is based in San Diego, CA. Judges taste all entries blind but may inquire as to place of origin or grape variety. We are proud that our Sassy Sangria (our only entry) received Silver.


Great Reviews!!

We are receiving well deserved recognition! Our blueberry wine is simply the best on the market. That is no accident! Everything we have done has been designed to ensure the highest quality and best tasting wine possible. From our all natural blueberries, to our processing and equipment, we have invested in success!

It has been very gratifying to see the response, both at our visitor center, and now from various reviews that are starting to appear. The latest is from the “Season This” food blog here: Season This Review

Below is the entire review


New Wines!

It is hard to believe how quickly our winery has become a success! From the incredible Grand Opening to expanding the visitor center, being carried in dozens of stores, and now the introduction of new wines! Thanks to all our fans and friends that have made Whispering Oaks Winery such an incredible success!! Not only have we consistently been busy since opening, but we are starting to get noticed in the wine world. It seems that all who sample our wines agree that our Blueberry Wine is simply the best available. We are a “must” stop for the very best wine tasting in Florida!

Blueberry Wine – Delicious and Healthy!

Delicious – And Healthy!

The web is full of amazing claims about healthy living, organic foods, and dietary supplements. Because so many of these claims are snake oil that is only intended to sell a product, I am hesitant to make a health claim about blueberry wine. But I have to – it isn’t just a marketing claim, it is the conclusion of research and test.

If you simply Google “Blueberry Wine Healthy”, you will find many scholarly articles extolling the virtues of Blueberry Wine – Delicious and Healthy! The University of Florida has conducted research and concluded that Blueberry Wine has more antioxidants than many grape-based wines. You can read the entire report here: University of Florida Blueberry Wine Study.

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